– Seasonal Menu –

[ Heatwave ]



Damien’s Wall

cocchi americano, don ciccio & figli ambrosia, orange, tonic water

refreshing & gentle

Hercules’ Garden

vodka, don ciccio & figli fico d’india, lemon, agave, peychaud’s, ginger

sweet-tart & fruity

El Broosha

sloe gin, gin, mint tea syrup, soda water

cooling & fruity

Jonesy in the Vent

urapan mexican ‘rum’, blackstrap rum, espresso liqueur, creme de banane

rich & bittersweet

Underline Feline Themes

rose wine, becherovka, citrus tonic, lemon bitters

light & rounded



A Wildcat in Montmartre

bourbon, lillet rose, cardamaro, yellow chartreuse, rosewater cardamom tincture

floral & herbaceous

Blind Jaguar

mezcal, china china, lemon, pineapple syrup, corazon bitters

bittersweet & citric

Salon Dorado

pisco, rinamato bianco, butterfly syrup, sparkling wine, cucumber bitters

light & delicately floral

Paul & Sally

orange, honey, ginger ale, cranberry bitters


Lightening Beckons

mint tea syrup, grenadine, lime, citrus tonic


The Gibson also has a small selection of carefully chosen beers and wines